Animal Health

Dry Guy waterproofing spray for horse blankets and pet apparel

DryGuy Waterproofing

Ideal for horse blankets which have lost their waterproofing, saddle blankets, saddles, as well as outdoor upholstery, outdoor clothing and camping gear.

From $15.97
Sirocco Stall Deodorizer and Pet Odour Remover

Sirocco Stall Deodorizer

Ultimate bedding conditioner & natural deodorizer for sanitation of stalls, outdoor shelters, paddocks, and trailers. Keeps bedding dry by absorbing moisture.

From $17.95
pine shavings for horse and animal bedding

Pine Shavings for Animal Bedding

Premium quality bagged pine shavings for horses and other livestock including poultry, dairy, show pigs or zoos. We deliver anywhere across North America.

From $4.75
EquiCrown Compression Bandages for Horses

Equine Compression Bandages

For injury prevention and help with leg injuries through healthy rehabilitation. The innovative solution for healthy horse legs.

From $229.95
on and gone mold prevention and remover

Mould & Stain Prevention / Remover

Removes and prevents mould, mildew, and algae stains. Great for stalls, trailers, troughs, and more.

Professional application required.

Therapeutic Stall Mats

4’ x 6’ interlocking stall mats that are tough, non-absorbent, non-toxic, lightweight, and have a non-slip surface. 25 mm thick for long lasting lifespan.

$145 per 23 sq ft
Poly Hay Ring Feeder

Poly Hay Rings

Safe for your animals, keeps hay confined for minimal loss, easy to use, won’t freeze to ground. Due to product size request a quote for shipping.

From $78.95/panel
Nag Bags Slow Hay Feeders for horses

NAG Bags Slow Hay Feeders

Hay nets for horses, cattle and other grazing animals that creates less waste, no mess, better digestion for your animals, and saves money!

From $32.95
Whoa Dust Arena Dust Control

Whoa Dust Arena Dust Control

Control dust and watering in your arena, and improve the texture and performance of your footing. Safe and environmentally friendly.

From $600
woodguard zero maintenance fencing

Zero Maintenance Fencing

Unlike regular wood, Woodguard™ polymer coated fencing never needs painting, sanding, sealing or staining and it stays looking great year after year!

Contact us for a pricing.

Human Health

eco friendly waterproofing for shoes, clothing, equipment

DryGuy Waterproofing

Earth Friendly BREATHABLE Waterproofing that protects all fabric types. Water-based, dries odor-free and does not change the color, feel, or flexibility of the fabric.

From $15.97
Rubber Gym Mats

Athletic Gym Mats

Our durable 3/4″ and 1/2″ mats provide maximum comfort for you while reducing strain injuries. Specially designed rubber offers maximum traction.

From $75 per 23 sq ft
on and gone mold prevention and remover

Mold & Stain Prevention / Remover

Removes and prevents mold, mildew, and algae stains from decks, sidewalks, walls, attics, etc, saving time, labour, and money.

Professional application required.