Started with a Suspensory Injury

— Started with a Suspensory Injury

Our story is a long one:

We started off with a suspensory injury, stall rest, wrapping overnight, leaving the legs alone during the day etc. You know how this sort of thing goes. Except I just kept buying different brands of no bows and cottons. I just couldn’t get behind them entirely. Felt like the legs were being warmed too much. Well I was right. While the wrapping/warming can be beneficial for ligament injuries (theory that the collagen enzymes function better a tad warmer), it is detrimental to tendons and a big cause of injury. Sure enough, we developed a peripheral lesion to the deep digital flexor tendon.

Back to wrapping more, boot changes, etc. I had seen the sleeve versions of the wraps but knew my mare would not do it, since she is so sore for the farrier still and such, having her lift her leg to get it on was not going to happen. Found these in my searches from not being happy with everything else I’ve tried.

What a difference they have made! Swelling is no longer an issue, even if they are on for just overnight. My mare not only stands nicely for me to put them on her, she feels more secure as she will rest her good leg now and actually loads her bad leg stepping under herself without me asking her to when turning – which she hasn’t done in a really long time! I really know that these wraps offer the support without the extra layering and trapping in heat. As a result these wraps will be a continuum for us now! As you can see from her picture her fetlock is dropping. She needs the support.

As a future veterinarian, these will be on my list of go to products! Thank you EquiCrown Canada for the great service you provided for me and for my best friend in our rehab!

~ Julie.Nadeau 

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