Sirocco, Natural stall deodorizer

Sirocco vs. Diatomaceous Earth

We learn something every day..

When one of our clients came to us and requested a stall drying product without Diatomaceous earth, I needed to know why. There are lots of products out there for keeping barns dry and sweet smelling and obviously – not all of them have the same composition.

So, after searching the globe – we found one!

Sirocco is an natural, organic product that inhibits unpleasant odors and reduces the ammonia levels in the atmosphere.

Made from seaweed extracts, vegetable and mineral absorbents, essential plant oils, trace elements and natural disinfectants.

What does it do?

Absorbs and prevents the escape of residual ammonia; eliminates moisture; saves on the cost of shavings; saves time and money on cleaning of box-stall; maintains and improves hoof health; if used in chicken coops – keep the bedding cool and dry through control of ammonia; repels and limits proliferation of flies; provides pleasant scent in stable or coops. The best part – it is non-irritating, non-corrosive and NOT dangerous to human handlers – and it has a pleasant, fresh odour.

Used in horse trailers and stalls, chicken coops, kitty litter boxes, kitchen compost pails, de-skunking your dog or cat, stinky work boots or runners.

Therefore it looks like Diatomaceous earth might be great for chickens with mites – but not for handlers, horses, cows.

As for Sirocco – it’s become a favorite with our clients.

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