EquiCrown® Horse Compression Bandages

EquiCrown Actives Compression wraps for horses, an innovative alternative to a polo wrap
EquiCrown compression bandages for horses, compression socks, polo wraps
medical horse compression bandages wraps

Compression Bandages & Legs Wraps for Horses

The innovative solution for healthy horse legs

EquiCrown® is medical-grade compression bandages used for treatment on injuries, diseases and also injury prevention! The guess work associated to wrapping your horse’s leg – too tight or too loose – is eliminated when you use EquiCrown®. EquiCrown® compression provide an anatomical fit with precisely defined compression pressure. As a result this contributes to faster drainage of lymphatic fluid and removal of unwanted toxins. Breathable, machine-wash and dry, and available in standard-size or made-to-measure.

Common EquiCrown® Applications:

  • Cellulitis
  • Chronic Edema
  • Lymphangitis
  • Wind Puffs

Compression provides a “mechanical massage” for your horse’s legs, this stimulates the circulation in a way which traditional “static” wraps cannot accomplish. Made in the same special fabric which has been used in human medical aids for many decades. In addition the optimum compression in these wraps stimulate blood circulation and support lymphatic flow which contributes to faster recovery of your horse’s legs.

Made with Care

Custom made with care for your horse.

Clients World Wide

We have clients all over the World!

Cold Hose

Easily cold hose over top - no need to remove.


Prevent injuries & maintain healthy legs.

Wound Dressing

Cost effective wound management.


Made specifically for the injury or condition.

Watch the release

Clients say most horses will lick and chew after application, showing release.

Some Quick Areas of Use:

  • Preventative support against injuries and for maintaining healthy horse legs.
  • Prone to stocking up when stalled, stall-rest and also traveling.
  • Lymph disorders – lymphangitis.
  • Horse laminitis treatment.
  • Horse cellulitis treatment.
  • Supports lymphatic flow and blood circulation.
  • Soft windgalls treatment (not yet hardened).
  • Postoperative wound care.
  • Treatment for suspensory ligament, tendon injuries, etc.
  • Wound and scar treatment.
  • Support when resuming movement (after operations, immobilization, etc.).
  • Following exertion and overexertion (clinics, competitions).
  • Chronic edema of both hind legs, inactivity edemas, chronic phlegmons and/or elephantiasis.

Measuring your horse for the correct fit is extremely important. Contact our office for guidance if you are unsure. We’re happy to make the EquiCrown® selection process a happy and successful experience for you and your horse.

  • EquiCrown® ACTIVE

    • ACTIVE’S can replace polo wraps
    • Used to massage, support and add protection for the horse leg
    • Has a flexible zone in the fetlock area and side zipper closure
    • Used for keeping legs tight and cool while in stalls and transport
    • Provide support for pastern, fetlock and tendon injuries/conditions
    • Support when your horse is returning from a period of inactivity
  • EquiCrown® FIT

    • FIT’s can replace standing or stable wraps
    • Legs stay tight and cool in stalls or during transport due to circulation
    • Well suited for wound management in addition to skin issues
    • Long periods of stall rest, or case management of lymphangitis
    • Firmly cup the fetlock and cannon, and the front zipper fastening makes application quick and easy to manage
  • EquiCrown® MTM

    • Wraps include carpal, hock, or full leg
    • Made To Measure for a specific leg and purpose
    • Standard compression fabric or with antibacterial silver thread
    • MTM compression bandage made specifically for the injury or condition
    • Specialty wrap – speak to an expert to order

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